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Patriarchy Pier (at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior)

Patriarchy Pier (at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior)


How to get there: get out of the metro, turn left, then go along the pedestrian crossing Gogolevsky Boulevard and st. Volkhonka, go down the Soymonovsky passage to the Moscow River, cross the Prechistinskaya embankment at the pedestrian crossing and walk 100 meters towards the Patriarshy pedestrian bridge. There is a descent to the pier right under the bridge.

Boat trips from the pier at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

River tour starting from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

1 hour (please come 15 minutes before the departure)
  • Live excursion from the guide
  • Departures every 30 minutes
  • See entire city center in just an hour
  • Open Date Tickets
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2-hours river trip in Moscow — central route

2 hours
  • The longest water route in the center of Moscow
  • Embarkation and disembarkation from any of the 6 berths
  • Departures every 40-60 minutes
  • A cafe-bar aboard
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Patriarchy Pier always attracts many tourists. From here you can see the Kremlin, Monument to Peter I and the «Red October» factory. Also, it’s possible to go on a wide variety of routes.


It’s easy to get here, the berth is located just 500 meters from the Kropotkinskaya metro station. For those who arrive by car, there is a paid parking nearby.