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Boat rental in Moscow

Boat rental in Moscow


The beautiful capital of Russia has lots to offer even for the pickiest and choosiest travelers. But what can be more marvelous than going on a little cruise along the Moscow river? Imagine the fresh breeze cooling your face, sounds of a busy city are sinking in the steady sound of an engine boat and dissolving in the water beneath the boat. To experience all that it would be wise to know how to rent a boat in Moscow and where one could find the perfect match of price and quality.


Private boat rentals — the crucial benefits are easy to grasp

To make sightseeing more pleasant and less tiresome people choose different means of transport, mostly car or bus guided tours. However, it’s advisable to think over boat charters in Moscow. Why so?


If all those advantages happen to be persuasive, then welcome aboard, your trip is about to begin.


Boat charters in Moscow – do it right

The first thing to decide is what kind of trip you would like to have. Depending on that you should choose a suitable vessel. Short excursions are usually done on relatively small yachts for no more than 30-40 people. However, if a big celebration is on the horizon, you will be offered party boat rentals. These vessels are able to host up to 120 people. Let’s have a closer look at these two options.


When it comes to excursions, river routes are perfect for admiring the whole capital, from the Kremlin and up to the Moscow City. The rental period usually starts from one hour and is unlimited. The variety of yachts with terraces and open decks will let you choose the most suitable option for the particular case. Just pick the starting point of the route and come on time to set the sails. Bear in mind that some services are available for an additional fee: catering, guided excursions in foreign languages, thematic design of a boat, live music. However, as a rule, the buffet is available on most of the boats and is included in the price of a tour. 


If the case is all about style and solemnity, huge vessels might become the perfect place for celebration, banquet or even business negotiations. Combining high comfort and flexibility of entertainments, boat occasion will surely be a show-stopper for all the guests.  Various amenities including live music, delicious food of different world cuisines, services of an evening host won’t leave anyone cold.


Why us?

In Moskvatrip we are able to offer our clients fully packed tours on perfectly equipped vessels at a decent and fair price. Thus, if you are still searching for a boat hire in Moscow — search no more and contact us as soon as possible.