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Events and Firework shows in Moscow

Events and Firework shows in Moscow
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There are two kinds of travelers: ones who are eager to learn more about the history of a country they are visiting and those who just want to have fun and party from dusk till dawn. No matter what type you belong to, Russia has always been the country of contrasts. No matter if you are a lover of ancient monuments or modern nightclubs, the capital of Russia, good old Moscow, will give you a hearty welcome. However, in this text we’ll tell you more about marvels waiting in the night… Don’t be afraid, nothing scary, just pure fun and entertainment!

How should I entertain myself in the capital of Russia?

Well, it solely depends on your personal tastes. If you prefer something more serene and stick to cultural events, we advise to visit various art galleries like State Tretyakov Gallery, Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, Armoury Chamber or buy tickets to any of Moscow greatest and most famous theaters, f.e. Bolshoi Theater, Maly Theater, Moscow Art Theater and others.

The most pompous official holidays are traditionally held in the heart of the capital. Victory Day, Russia Day and Day of the City — these are the occasions marked on a grand scale. The regular program of the celebration includes parades, public festivities, live music performed by popular bands and fireworks in the evening. Lots of foreigners come to enjoy the amenities of the Russian capital during these days. As a rule, all big holidays are beautifully concluded with numerous breathtaking fireworks. One thing is to enjoy it in the crowded square, suffering from hustle and bustle. Another thing is to enjoy it from a boat, in comfort of your personal space not being disturbed by lots of strangers, tasting delicious snacks and admiring the views of the ancient capital. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Moscow never sleeps

And this is the fact no one would ever argue! Like all megapolises, Moscow’s nightlife is extremely diverse and vibrant. From the most famous nightclubs like Icon, Clouds, LeninGrad to regular concerts of rock and pop-stars or bands — everyone will find something to his taste. And if you are keen on utmost fun and full of energy, then it’s up to you to consider going on a special night party. What can be more special than a party on boat?

Party on boat the ship — when water and fire meet

With our services, it’s easy to get the unforgettable experience of lighting up and mixing around with people during the night cruise along the Moscow river. More than three hours of a pleasant journey will definitely make you satisfied. Add to this DJ performance and great fireworks in the end and you’ll get the picture of a perfect party. For those who want a cultural program it’s possible to enjoy the most well-known sights as St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Zaryadye Park, Gorky Park, and others. All these will happen on a luxurious two-deck boat. The upper deck will host a dance floor, while on the lower deck you can have a tasty meal or drink a couple of shots by the bar. To add to this, the tickets are usually available online and are easy to book.

Thus, to make your journey to Russia memorable, having a cruise is something everyone should consider. It’s an extraordinary way to look at usual things from another perspective. Besides, the prices are more than reasonable for the unforgettable night of the dream. So, contact us to get the desired ticket to the night of entertainments!